Laughter WINS

Photo by   Steve Johnson   from   Pexels

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Wow I really had a chance to experience a crazy “Monday Morning!”  

First, I couldn’t figure out why the lights were on in the living room.  Then I realized that our daughters had not changed their alarm clock to the new time.  This had our youngest up WAY too early.  Then as I stirred I noticed the new tool I bought to help message out the knots from our current Push Up Challenge really worked.  I was super sore and moving slow.  That of course fueled the next 45 minutes of me doing everything out of my normal order.  So, it didn’t matter how fast I moved, time always moved faster.  The universe decided to follow that up with our newest dog knocking his food bowl out of Sonja’s hands and causing a major mess.  IT didn’t stop there though because I was asked to sort through our oldest’s hair because she is… itching. In the remaining three minutes I have before walking out the door I located the first bug and it was official.  UGH!  Last but not least I completely forgot to take my car out of “stealth mode.”  This is always a wise decision because it keeps others (yes plural) from running you off the road.  

Morning from HELL?  

Yep, so far it is on point! 

Then I remembered something Jocko said.  

“To spite the suffering.
To spite the hardships.
To spite the challenges.
Laugh at them all.
They can’t stand it when you do.
And they all get easier…
Laughter wins.”

My instructor Ron Balicki used to make us do this drill in Shooto or Shoot Wrestling (original Japanese MMA founded in the early 80’s).  He would dig his elbow into your shoulder, calf, back or anywhere that just wasn’t pleasant.  Since the judges would take away points if you showed pain, your goal was to… well laugh.  Believe it or not, it was “funny” how that seemed to make the pain go away.  

So the first person that asked me how my day was going made me laugh like the Joker.  In fact, it was quite an uncontrollable laughter like I had never experienced before.  

You want to know what happened after that?  

I proceeded to have a great Max Out Monday for the Push Up Challenge gaining over 30 more push ups!  While hitting a full Five Pillars for 20 minutes, Alex and I began to talk more in-depth about the possibilities of us bringing back an early morning class.  Then out of no where, an old student and friend of mine walks in the door and is interested in the class time we were just talking about (say what?).  After some awesome private lessons, I absolutely destroyed my To Do List!!  Oh and for the record, yesterday was the first day of the month which is always stacked with setting up so much for us.  

So to me that is all proof that no matter how hard the day is, just laugh.  Get rid of the negativity as soon as you can and open yourself up to the possibilities of what joys the day could bring you.  

Remember, happiness isn’t what you own.  It isn’t your occupation and it isn’t where you live.  It is inside each and everyone of us.  We hold both the lock in one hand and the key in the other.  It is up to us to put them together and allow ourselves to feel joy.   

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