Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are the two biggest innovations in the world of fitness. If you look at the majority of athletes today in both sports… they are in phenomenal shape! Just watch any event or tune in behind the scenes and you will see their conditioning at work. They represent the modern day gladiators that are mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for action!

How Does Our Program Work?

Our impact training will help you tone your muscles while still obtaining the cardiovascular workout needed to lose weight. You will become stronger and faster while elevating your endurance through learning actual Kickboxing and MMA techniques. The resistance and impact of the punching bags and striking pads will empower you and bring your confidence to all new levels.

What If I Am A Beginner?


You can expect an extremely positive learning experience with lots of energy. Everyone from our instructors to our students are both goal minded and love to share their passion for what we do. Each class offers a consistent warm up that hosts calisthenics, sports specific exercises and three types of stretching. Best of all, there are lesson plans and a step by step process that builds you from the ground up.

“1st class everyone there was supportive of the fact that 1, I was new and clueless and 2, I just couldn’t physically do some of the things. However what made it even better is when the more advanced students took the time to help me find modified ways of doing specific moves so that I could build my strength to get to the point that one day I'll be able to do it all!” Amanda


What If I Already Have Experience?

You can expect an instructor team that is dedicated to your goals. You will also find multiple veterans that have been training for over 10 years. These two groups create a support team that will help you push yourself further during each one of our Five Week Progressions. This format is awesome because it allows us to develop a theme that links individual techniques to drills that will better your strategy for sport as well as self-defense.

Best of all, you will enjoy the fact that we haven’t duplicated a Five Week Progression in over 17 years! This will keep you challenged as we create innovative goals using the best elements from Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Muay Thai, Savate, Shooto, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Silat and Filipino Martial Arts. If you are like many of our students, you may also enjoy pairing this training with our Advanced MMA Program.

“The fact that you can learn self defense, mixed martial arts, and intermediate level moves in the beginners class keeps me coming back.” Bill


“Great training. You will be pushed to your limits so you can build new ones.” Joe

Whether you are looking for a great workout, an awesome way to relieve stress or a progression that will develop your skills further, our Kickboxing MMA Program is for You.