WHY Semi-Private & Private Lessons

In the early years of Martial Way, Group Classes would easily reach above 30 or more people. After much consideration, Martial Way Legacy is proud to announce it is taking training to a whole new level. Now you can enjoy the attention that you and your goals deserve with our new Private and Semi-Private Lessons. 

These martial arts lessons are available for children in our Tigers Youth as well as adults in our Kickboxing MMA and Advanced MMA Programs. 


Why Should You Consider Our Private Lesson Program?

First of all… the Razor’s Edge. This happens because we are able to focus directly on what you need to achieve your goals. Whether it is Fitness, Technique, Curriculum or even Competition Goals this is a great direction for you.

Second, these work well for our students that are more schedule challenged. Lets face it, we all have family, school, work and so much more that demands our attention. When this happens we need the perfect solution to consolidate our time. Now here is a class schedule that you can bend to fit your life.

“I have a lot of physical injuries that make some tasks VERY hard for me. I needed a trainer and fellow student who wouldn't judge me, make fun of me or make me feel bad when I wasn’t able to do some of the tasks at hand.” Amanda


How Does It Work?

Simple. You pick the time(s) and day(s) that work best for you. We create a regular looping schedule so we know when to see each other. Then you pick what you would like to focus on. This helps us know the direction to take you. We then map out a series of lesson plans to help get you to your goal. Last but not least… well we TRAIN!!!

So if you are ready for the fast track to your goals… then this is the Program for YOU!!!

“Starting anything is always the hardest part… I STRONGLY encourage you to give Martial Way a try.“ Anne