We understand how challenging it is these days to raise children in the world we live in. As parents ourselves, we see and hear about all the issues from Bullying to Peer Pressure as well as Negative Images on the Internet and Television. In this day and age we have to unite together to be sure our children grow up to become rock-solid stones. The kind that are difficult to move because they have a foundation in Goal Setting. The kind that when they move they cast themselves strong into something and give it their all like ripples in a pond.


How Can We Develop Our Children Into Something Like This?

The answer is what many of our parents have discovered. It is our children''s participation in one of the most beneficial activities ever!!! The Martial Way Legacy is a place where children learn Goal Setting from day one. From the very first class they learn our G.A.R. or Goal Achievement Recognition Principle. This teaches them that if they set a Goal and work towards it, they will achieve it!!!

"The Martial Way has truly been an asset to our children. Unlike other sports activities, martial arts has provided them with a foreseeable goal. They know that to achieve their goals they have to work hard and they are full of pride when they meet those goals." -Terrie Low

Every year we are privileged to meet like minded adults like yourself who are interested in the same thing we are. We want to instill Life and Character Development Skills in our children such as Focus, Respect, Self-Discipline and MORE!!!

Now what if we could do all of that?

What if we could see our children maximize their potential in everything they do?

How would our children mature and grow from birthday to birthday?

These types of questions are what help guide our Children's Program through monthly topics. These topics or words are created to help each individual child learn Character Development. With our Mat Chats in class and our Skills Assignments for home, each child gets to show their Character Development every MONTH!!!


What Are Character Development Skills?

This Character Development structure in the Martial Way Legacy's Children's Program is unique because it focuses on the Skills that your child will need going through Life. We look at the Life Skills essential to our children growing up and maturing into great adults. Adults capable of achieving many things. Skills like Balance, Memory and Discipline can be incorporated in the techniques or Martial Arts Skills to help teach individual Life Skill. Martial Arts Skills such as Punching, Kicking, and Blocking are taught in a way that helps children understand the Life Skills. For example, helping a child develop physical Balance is a good, tangible way to teach the Balance between work and play.


What About Fitness?

What if we could help your child gain or maintain a phenomenal level of physical fitness?

To help keep the excitement up and the challenges fun we have created a Written Curriculum that hosts techniques from many different Martial Arts. These Arts including Tang Soo Do, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Eskrima, Arnis), Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu and many more. All of this creates a Fun and Safe Environment with Exercise and Discipline to help build your child's Confidence and make them a much Happier, Healthier and Focused child.

“My son has been to those Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools before and I felt he was just a number. Here Guro Larry St. Clair helps you learn and is so motivated and will go as fast or slow. My son loves the Tigers class. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to come and be a part of a growing family that is Martial Way Legacy!!!” -Lou Luera

If you are looking for your child to receive the many Benefits that the Martial Way Legacy has to offer, then our Program is Your Program!!!